Frequently asked questions

What is VideoRussian?

VideoRussian is  a video chat system, in which everyone can broadcast himself or view and communicate with others.

 I have a grey screen instead of chat?

 Please make sure you have the latest Flash Player from Adobe

What is the difference between Videorussian and Pay chat systems?

 - The fact that we do not have paid private chats.  You can chat for free indefinitely.(in case you have such agreement with your partner)

-  You can send (or get) a tip in the case of mutual consent.

 There are no mandatory fees for chats on our website

 How much does all this cost?

 Free services:

- Registration;

- Self Broadcasting

- View other broadcasts

- Private chats

- View profiles and g-rated photos of  users

- Use of personal mailbox.

 Paid services:

 - VIP subscription

- Spying on privates

- Spying behind the curtains

- Tipping of  other users.

 Do you charge per minute?

 No! In private you only have a usual timer, so you will not get lost in time :)

 What does mean on member's thumbnail and profile?

 That is mean that this member is commercial broadcaster and earning money in chat not looking for a friendship relations. You can activate this function in Settings menu Earn Money.

Private chat - what is it?

 - You're left alone with the user;

- You can turn on your camera and / or microphone, click on the appropriate icon on the right and you will see and hear each other

Several users can join one private (they have to send requests to the initial private), and no one else will disturb you.

 How much cost a private video chat?

By itself, private is free and depends on your arrangement with another user.  If he is willing to talk to you for free, he just accept your request.  If you have an agreement on commercial private session, you can send tips to the user before or during a private session (do not forget to send tips AFTER you discuss in details what you want from the user, because the tip is not returned). Tips can also be sent in several parts as soon as any of your fantasy fulfillment.

I want to see erotic photos of users.

To do this you must have a VIP-subscription.

How much is spying for Privates and spying behind the curtains?

-To peek, click on button above the curtains

-When you point the mouse on button you will see your rate (VIP-subscriber sees his discounted rate)

- After clicking on the button a Tip with your rate is sent to the user

Curtain rises for exactly one minute. If you want to repeat spy on, you have to press button again

Raising the curtain, you can not see what people write in the chat.

 I'm trying to ask for a private chat, but nothing happens.

- The user does not want to accept the request from you

- The user has set a ban on the privates;

- The user is behind a curtain

- It is Better to agree about private session in the chat before, and only then to press button for request.

 I can not run my camera.

 Check your Flash Player settings. Right-click on the chat, choose Settings and in the second tab, click "Allow" and "Remember."  In the "Webcam" and "Microphone" Tabs, choose the right camera and microphone.

 My messages are gone, where they are?

 We keep messages in your Mailbox 90 days. All previous messages are automatically deleted